Nameless Theatre in Nagoya’s Production of Treasure Island

Treasure Island, 11 – 13 October, 2013

Action, pirates and plunder abound in this adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic coming of age adventure!

Young Jim Hawkins has come into possession of a map showing the location of hidden buried treasure. The problem is that a band of bloodthirsty, cutlass-wielding pirates are after it too! Don’t worry though, with legendary pirate Long John Silver by his side, Jim is surely in safe hands. After all, pirates are known to be a lovable, trust worthy group of people…aren’t they?

Crafted by the passion and talent of Nagoya’s artistic community, Treasure Island is a show packed with of all the joy, danger and mystery of life’s first discoveries.

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 Nameless Theater

Nameless_theater_nagoyaNameless Theatre is a community theater group working under the umbrella of Nagoya based production company Nameless Media and Productions. Founded in 2004, we are driven by a passion to communicate ideas through engaging and thought provoking stories. So it wasn’t long before we decided to start exploring our passion for that other powerful space for storytelling, the theater.

Drawing on our years of theater experience in Japan and abroad (including work on Broadway), in late 2010 we created Nameless Theatre. Bringing together an international team of Nagoya based artists, our goal is to bring ambitious, exciting productions to central Japan. By presenting all of our shows with Japanese subtitles, we want our productions to be equally enjoyed by our foreign and Japanese patrons alike.

Nameless Theater is a place where anyone, regardless of nationality, can come, learn and participate in the magical experience of simply putting on a great show. With the partnership of our sponsors and supporters in the Nagoya, we will continue to provide quality theatrical entertainment for the community for a many years to come.

Nameless Theater’s Past Performances

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